Our Unique Tea Blends

Our Unique Tea Blends TEViVE teas are hand-picked and blended to create the perfect sipping treat.

Our black and green teas are sourced in Sri Lanka because this beautiful island nation grows exceptional teas during their two distinctive tea quality seasons. To ensure we have adequate quantities of these superior teas for our blends throughout the year, we buy and stock during these two seasons.

Our intricate tea selection process ensures high-quality tea with every sip. Ideally, perfect teas are produced from two or three leaves and a bud. We process this tea under the strict guidelines of experienced tea planters. These hand harvested tea leaves are collected into woven cane baskets and brought to a factory to wither, roll, ferment, and fire before they are sorted by grade.

Our tea blends are created with the consumer in mind. We hand-create a series of distinctive and flavorful teas perfect for all taste palates. From soothing and sweet to fruity and vibrant, TEViVe teas were created to leave a lasting impression. We’re constantly adding to our family of fine teas. Explore our unique blends below and be sure to check back regularly for more exclusive flavor combinations.

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